Linear Bearings

New Energy


New energy vehicles refer to the use of unconventional vehicle fuels as the power source (or the use of conventional vehicle fuels, the use of new on-board power devices), the integration of advanced technologies in vehicle power control and driving, and the formation of advanced technical principles and Cars with new technology and new structure.

New energy vehicles include four types of hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), pure electric vehicles (BEV, including solar vehicles), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), and other new energy vehicles (such as super capacitors, flywheels and other high-efficiency energy storage) vehicles Wait. Unconventional vehicle fuels refer to fuels other than gasoline and diesel.

The new energy automobile industry has high requirements for quality, reliability, stability and cost performance. Transmission bearings used in new energy vehicle gearboxes, drive axles, transfer cases, generators, clutches and fans require a longer service life. We provide bearing solutions to meet long-term durable and efficient application requirements. We can customize products according to customer needs.