Linear Bearings

Smart logistics


Intelligent logistics is the use of integrated intelligent technology to enable the logistics system to imitate human intelligence, with the ability to think, perceive, learn, reason and judge and solve certain problems in logistics by itself. The future development of intelligent logistics will reflect four characteristics: intelligence, integration and hierarchy, flexibility and socialization. A large number of operations planning and decision-making intelligence in the process of logistics operations; with logistics management as the core, the integration of transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading in the logistics process and the hierarchization of intelligent logistics systems; the development of intelligent logistics will be more Highlight the concept of “customer-centered”, flexibly adjust the production process according to changes in consumer demand; the development of intelligent logistics will promote the development of regional economy and the optimal allocation of world resources to achieve socialization. Through the four intelligent mechanisms of the intelligent logistics system, that is, information intelligent acquisition technology, intelligent transmission technology, intelligent processing technology, and intelligent application technology.

Our bearings are widely used in intelligent logistics systems.